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Why Choose TOTAL Delivery?
Quite simply we already serve close to 100 businesses like yours in Brantford and we do it very well! Ask your neighbors whom they use for delivery and most of them will say Total! YES, we do offer charge accounts.

Long Delivery Hours to Meet Your Needs
We are open early and close late. We do so 7 days a week! Check out our Delivery hours here.

Computerized Dispatching and Order Tracking
Every delivery order you place with us is entered and saved in our dispatching software for tracking purposes. Our software is also linked in with Google Maps so we always find our destination even if you don’t know where it is.

Large, Small, Rush or Timed Orders… No Problem!
With so many drivers at your disposal and dispatching software that does not forget, we can take care of all your deliveries no matter what or when they are. We can usually have a car at your doorstep within 10 to 15 minutes.

Our Mission
To expand our reputation as a quality service provider and strive to improve with constant feedback from our customers to ensure the belief that you made the right choice. TOTAL Delivery & Courier is always ready to grow and expand, and we establish our reputation by going the extra mile for you! We compete in order to be complete!

Try us and you will see why TOTAL is your best choice for delivery in Brantford!



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